Monday, 12 October 2009

HELP! Names for my new kittens :)

I've wanted a Kitten since I was a wee girl :) Literally begged my mum & dad for one every day of my life lol!
A friend of my Mum's Cat gave birth to a liter of kittens and asked if we wanted one! And on Sunday we drove down to choose one, they are 8 weeks old and are sooooo gorgeous!
We took one home but my Mum went back for another today :)
So I need your help, we haven't named them yet, its quite difficult, I wanted to name one of them Lola but my mum doesn't like the name :(
Any Idea's?
So so pretty :)
They are both girls by the way :)
Ignore how trampy I look in this pic lol

Please help me out and leave your comments below. Thanks :)


BrionyLou said...

So cute!!

I want another kitten but not sure my cat would take too kindly - she's such a princess!!


Leanne said...

Oh my godddd! I would love another cat.
My 19 year old cat died a few weeks ago :( it's weird without her 'cause she's been here every day of my life yknow? And I lost my other cat to kidney failure in February.
My parents won't let me get another cat now though, they favour the dog! :(

But dawww your kittens are so cute! Have you got names yet? My old cat was called Spangle :) haha I think it's a cute name. I think Jessie is a cute name for a kitten too.

Dawww I can't believe how cute they are :D

DaisyFaye_x said...

@Leanne - OMG thats horrible. I can't imagine how upsetting it must have been, its awful losing a pet, they become apart of the family! At least she lived a long happy life! I hope your parents let you get another one :)

Nope, its been nearly a week and still no names, we are such a indecisive family lol. I like Lola for one of them but my Mum hates the name lol! We've decided if we can't decide by Sunday we're putting names into a hat and picking them randomly hehe :)